Kini Care

Thats right. Your kinis need some loving too.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your kini you need to take care of your swimwear properly. This means a whole lot of love, care and minimal washing cycles - Let us explain. 

Our swimwear range has been created with the finest Italian fabrics, woven with ECONYL®, an 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from pre and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets and other nylon wastes. 

Our swimwear fabric is soft, breathable, and comfortable. It's resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils. With this in mind, here are our top tips for your kini care: 

After a day of sun soaking rinse your kini off with the love it deserves. Gently wash under cold water, lightly massaging your swimwear to wash away the fun you just had.

We recommend spot cleaning, however, if you feel like a machine wash is necessary then please only cold machine wash with eco-friendly detergents on a delicate cycle. Our beautiful Italian fabric is 78% regenerated nylon along with 22% elastane to ensure stability and structure of our swimwear. This small percentage of elastane may still cause microfibre pollution. Using a washbag will prevent microfibre pollution into our oceans. Please place our kini's inside a Guppyfriend Wash Bag to ensure zero microfibre pollution as well as protecting your kini's from the harness of your washing machine.

While we are still a young company our dreams for Calalilly are endless. Our goal is to design a Calalilly exclusive wash bag to care for your kini's.

If its dripping, roll it up in your towel. Then lay your swimwear flat in the shade.

Ps. No HANGING - No body likes a saggy bum!

After a day of fun, please don't lay your swimwear in the sun. The sun may change the colour of the fabric.

Watch where you put that bum! Sitting on rough surfaces is not nice for our swimwear or your bottom. Choose to sit on your towel or a cushion... ahhhh, thats better. 

Just don't do it. Water causes dampness, dampness causes mould and mould causes one unhappy girl. 

Fake tan and chlorine is a concoction no one wants to mess with. Please avoid wearing fake tan with our lighter coloured kini's.


Our kini's are made to join you on your adventure, to make memories with you, laugh with you, spend time with friends on the beach, chilled drinks, picnic's, parties, exploring new places. 

If you don't do these things with your kini then I'm afraid you haven't given her the care she really needs.