Ethical Journey

𐄢 Calalilly Studio is a small business with a big heart 𐄢

Hi, Daisy & Bianca here, we're friends and founders of Calalilly Studio. Before starting this brand we recognised the importance of implementing a sustainable business model.

Join us on our ethical journey as we strive to create beautiful pieces as part of Calalilly's sustainable lifestyle. We promise you that we will align every action with our ethical values and provide full transparency along the way.

As we embark on this ethical journey we explore the best fabric, packaging, shipping methods, manufacturing methods and other sustainable practices that connect with our values.


In the very first days of design and development, we spent hours researching what fabric to use, how to source fabric and where to make our vision come to life. It wasn’t until we discovered Italian made Carvico Vita, which is the foundation to every piece of Calalilly Swim. Carvico Vita is made of ECONYL® an 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from pre and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets and other nylon. Essentially, we're turning waste problems into fashion pieces. This beautiful fabric is soft, breathable, and comfortable. It's resistant to chlorine, suntan creams, and oils. It's the perfect fit.

recycle. regenerate. relive.

All of our printed kini's are made with eco-inks that are ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-TEX®.


Mailer Bag

All orders are sent in Hero Packaging compostable mailers. These mailers are Australian certified, free from plastic and are made of cellulose fibres. Hero packaging mailers are double adhesive. Giving our customers the option to reuse this mailer with a second life before placing it in the home compost bin. They break down in 90 days in a compostable environment and leave no waste or toxins behind. Simply place into a compost bin and the bag will turn into yummy food for the worms or nourishment for your garden!

P.s you can leave the address sticker on because they're compostable too!

Garment Bag

While making their way to our studio before landing into your arms, our pieces are kept safe in biodegradable bags. Each bag is designed to biodegrade naturally in landfill overtime. Once the bag ends up in landfill, it attracts the necessary microbes to assist in packaging breakdown into its natural components. These natural components provide nutrients to the environment, giving back to the health of our earth.

We acknowledge the difference between compostable and biodegradable materials. While both materials go back to nature, becoming their constituent parts, biodegradable products may put off methane during their degrade. Our aim is to reduce these greenhouse gases, choose compostable and create less waste. With your help we can implement these changes by working with our manufacturers to do more.


2020 Carbon Neutral Project

Sendle support world changing initiatives aimed at preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems. In Australia, carbon emissions are offset to the Boobera Native Forrest Regeneration project. This project encourages tree growth to improve habitat for native species and restore local ecosystems. Not to mention that native forest regeneration can basically capture carbon & reverse carbon dioxide pollution... ummm, wow.

Our methods of delivery are Carbon Neutral

Sendle keeps our planet & environment healthy by offering 100% carbon neutral delivery. Carbon neutral shipping aims to reduce the carbon footprint and produce a net zero amount of carbon dioxide. Essentially, Sendle calculate the highest amount of carbon that could be generated by any given parcel. This number determines the funds that they contribute to sustainability projects via South Pole.


Working Conditions

Our manufacturers ensure that their staff are paid above award wages. Working hours are set at less than 40 hours a week where overtime work is voluntary and paid accordingly. Each member is provided with health insurance for themselves & their families. Not to mention the weekly zumba classes and soccer practice for all staff who like to join.

With every kini purchased, our manufacturer donate proceeds to R.O.L.E Foundation and BALI WISE. Throughout COVID our manufacturers have extended their support to work with SOS Indonesia, who are helping to feed those in need.


Bali WISE work to empower & educate young balinese women with hospitality, life skills & on job training. By training these young women & helping them seek full-time employment, they can have a chance for a better future & breaking the poverty cycle.

Our manufacturing partners also seek education programs from Bali WISE to best inform their staff around waste management and environmental issues in their work and home environments.

SOS Indonesia

SOS Indonesia have taken action to help the millions of people who are going without food on a daily basis. Putting good nutrition into the hands of those who need it.

A final note...

Finding a manufacturer to work with was all about finding the perfect partner. Once we found our partners we new we were one step closer to creating our community. Our partners were able to cater to our sustainable business model by valuing people and the environment. Our partners also provided us with minimum order quantities. Why you ask? Because we want to ensure that each piece purchased is enjoyed and cared for. That no stock is left behind and that each piece of art is given the life we inspired it to live.

So please, join us and our community in appreciating these beautiful summer pieces created to make memories in.